The Art of Producing a Great Document

The ability to produce a top notch, holistic, and fully complete document is a skill separating men from the monkeys.

How many people have you met–including yourself, which are capable of producing great documents? Work that is near perfect and 100% complete?

And I don’t just mean the ‘big stuff’ of document producing like focus/relevance, aesthetics/balance, a top-down delivery, and comprehensiveness–I also mean the little stuff like grammar, font consistency, checking yourself, accuracy, etc.

I can only count a dozen or so people capable of obtaining such high levels. It’s sadly true–but few people can produce great documents.

So how can you get better?

To start producing great documents you need to start right away (and as young as possible). Study and research good structure. Save good documents you run across for future reference.

Overcome your pride! Don’t fight people who offer suggestions. Be open and receptive–learn from others. Look at your work objectively.

Most of all work hard at it! You’ll be glad you did. Once you start to produce fine work, the world will notice and you’re life/job will become easier.

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