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Filibuster Flanders

Everyone office has at least one Filibuster Flanders in it.

He is the one who can talk, talk, talk, and talk; all in an effort to keep control of the discussion. You’ll know you’re talking with a Flanders because every time you would expect a natural pause (such as a subject of discussion running its course), he will fill the gap with an extended “uhhhh….,” “ummmm…” or “but…emmm” to maintain his filibuster-like grip on the floor. If you try to take the reins of the discussion, he’ll raise his voice to keep the floor. 

Flanders motivation is normal monkey stuff–to keep attention the him.

By keeping the control of a discussion, Flanders hopes to maintain his opinion, and therefore position, at the center of the group.

How to deal with Flanders types? Because he prevents the possibility of a natural give-and-take discussion, Flanders can quickly wear you down. So be patient; listen and wait and when you see the chance, pounce, and wrestle the floor from Flanders!