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The Art of Communication

Communication is the foundation of everything we do in the workplace. Without communication, we couldn’t get anything done.

To be efficient and successful, make sure all forms of communication in your workplace are as well prepared and effective as possible.

Doing it just right is an art – too much data and people will ignore the message; too little information and the message is ineffectual. The ‘just right’ touch can be best summed up by means of an analogy.

If you look at a Chinese painting of a natural setting, you get a feeling of perfection from the precisely controlled minimalistic expression. If you take one thing out of the painting, it would make the painting incomplete; if you add something new to the painting, it would be unnecessary and overdone.

Communications in the workplace are the same – you shouldn’t be able to take out any words, nor need to add any words, to communicate your message.

Being as near perfect as is possible, you will receive little to no comments back when you send it for review because it conveys just the right amount of data.