The Source of All Monkey Evil

Does the following sound familiar?

• Pete complains about everything and everybody all the time.

• John just made yet another provocative statement in what should have been a straightforward discussion.

• Bill seems to put others down all the time to make himself look better.

• Mike openly bends the truth to support his stance, no matter the subject is.

So many behaviors in the workplace – and far too many are an annoyance, disruption, or detriment. What motivates us to act in these ways? How can you get your arms around all this turbulence, deal with the issues, and still affect positive change? We need to put these negative behaviors in perspective first. —-

— *** ——-

Imagine a tree. At its extremity are hundreds of leaves. All are similar in shape, form, and function, yet all are distinctly different. Now trace a path along this great structure from the leaves all the way back to their source.

Start with the smallest of twigs and work your way progressively lower down the tree: from small twigs, to slightly bigger, to medium-sized, and on to larger, until you arrive at the core, the main trunk.

It is from this central point that every single part of the tree began its journey. It is also the location from which the source code of all those leaves at its extremities originated.

Now go back to the personalities we listed at the beginning of this section. Imagine the various personalities we meet in life and at the workplace as the leaves of a tree – each similar yet distinct, and all programmed from the same source code at the core of our minds.

What is the source code perpetuating all these similar behaviors in the workplace?…

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